Our Story

Witnessing the surge of snacking and unhealthy eating, our founder Savinay Jain envisioned the freedom of grabbing a tuck bag without a second thought and letting yourself nibble away on goodies that are actually good for you. Presenting to you New Tree – your one-stop solution for healthy and guilt-free snacking where contemporary small bites get nutrition compatible and diet friendly makeover.

Today, clean eating is on the rise, but does that mean you’ve to give up on nibbling tasty treats? Luckily, the answer is no! Because our nutritional products are the ideal companion for your diet. This form of healthy eating won’t make you scrunch up your nose; instead, it will allow you to gobble up without feeling sinful. Your appetite will thank you for treating it to scrumptious yet light food options. We believe that a nutritional diet doesn’t need to compromise on taste, so, our range of products bring the consumer a power-packed riot of flavours with the use of handpicked natural ingredients. These premium quality packaged small bites slide onto your plates and palates with a scent of freshness as a result of our exemplary hygiene standards. Our core values are to cater to our consumers taste buds and health at the same time.

With New Tree you can also embark on your “get vocal for local” journey as you eat our products that are prepared from age-old Indian recipes to emerging nutritional necessities, using authentic local produce and ingredients, in kitchens manned by our country’s folks and delivered to you from the heart of India. For your hale and hearty consumption, we give you an Indian alternative.

Know the New Tree Product Family

Since food remains a central theme of discussion in every household, we at New Tree believe in catering to the whole family. Be it any special occasion or a good old regular day, let your snack bar offer a little something for everyone.

From makhane for dadi who narrates stories of “humaare zamaane mei” to the tangy aam papad to tickle the tongue of the chatter-box sister, from the namkeen and nuts father dear cannot stop munching to the seeds and quinoa mommy has been scooping up courtesy of the wellness blogs she reads; New Tree’s snacks are crafted with care, nostalgia and finesse as you devour traditional treats styled for the modern-day lifestyles. We’ve got you covered, be it your midnight longings, a movie night, a picnic, or just an ordinary day because snacking seeks no reason. And, we do so while striving to attain our goal of serving your munching needs in a wholesome and nutritious manner.

So, join the New Tree family to let that crunch sound ring happily. Satiate your eating urges with goodies that taste and feel fresher. No more hesitation or dilemmas over what to eat, just the pure comfort of giving into cravings without worrying.

Indulge in a tasty yet healthy journey as New Tree invents a new way of snacking!